All walks or home visits are provided by me and only me. No one else will ever be coming into your home. I take your personal privacy and security very seriously.

In my dog walking and pet sitting I have extensive experience with special needs, senior and medicine dependent pets. I love having the opportunity to provide the level of care that these companions depend on!

In unpleasant weather conditions your pet's safety and comfort is my top priority. I will work with you to provide the appropriate weather-specific care.

Dog Walking

30 minute walk

For 30 minute walks, your dog will be walked in your neighborhood and/or a nearby park. I vary routes and try to keep a good pace for a good workout! We will be out and about for 30 minutes and then come back to your home. Treats, a walk report, and love and affection are included!

Potty Break

Your dog will be walked privately for 10-15 minutes to do his/her business. Plenty of love and affection are always included, as well as treats!

Pet Sitting Rates


All dog sitting includes at least 2-3 walks a day, both meals, treats, playtime and lots of snuggling. I also take lots of pictures and can send daily updates as requested!


Visit includes litter box scoop, meals, water change and TLC!

Small Pets

Small pet visits include fresh food, water and cage maintenance as needed (e.g. fresh hay, kleenex or moving around toys)!